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Socially-relevant Art

Our teaching and research illuminate major developments in societies and cultures as they have evolved into the present. We try to understand the associations between globalization, social and technological development, political change and cultural innovation. We are interested in how today's societies meet these challenges and in finding ways to deal with diversity and social inequality. Our department offers bachelor and master degree programs that address issues supporting vulnerable social systems on an academic/scientific level. This applies to both individual development processes and those of organizations and companies. On an artistic and socially-scientific basis, our courses are aimed at mediating, shaping, organizing and communicating scientific fields of activity in a health or socio-cultural environment.

The Transdisciplinary Profile

In recent decades, the arts have become a determining factor in many social areas, influencing developments and processes of change. As a result, new occupational fields have evolved and creative approaches to strengthening, stabilizing and mobilizing human resources have come to the fore. This development is reflected in the courses of study offered by our department, which combine art, health and society and offer a sound transdisciplinary education for professional practice in social and societal areas. Our team consists of experienced scientists, academics and artists from various fields and all artistic disciplines: the visual arts, music, dance, poetry and performance.

Susann Ricks
Student Service

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