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Research Profile

The interdisciplinary research of the Department of Art, Society and Health deals with the role of art and aesthetics in today's processes of change. Such processes of change occur in health, private or public professional areas. The research covers both basic and applied research.

In our study programs at the MSH Medical School Hamburg, in the bachelor program »Expressive Arts in Social Transformation« and in the master programs »Intermedial Art Therapy« and »Art Analog Coaching«, the scientific work is an integral and necessary part of the study. Suitable methodological instruments are put up for discussion with which artistic processes can be examined. Especially formats of artistic research have proved to be helpful.

The Department of Art, Society and Health cooperates with the »Institute for Subjective Experience and Research« and uses this cooperation both in teaching and for its own research projects.

The Medical School Hamburg MSH specifically supports students in research projects that they develop out of their practical work and that they want to implement as part of a doctorate. We stand for it in co-operation with institutions of the practice and with partner universities, which have the right of promotion.

Artistic Research

Prof. Dr. Lucia Rainer

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