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Current Research Projects

Art and coping with brain tumor patients and relatives in the museum space

Based on the assumption that the museum is particularly suitable as a protected place and as a meeting place and cultural participation for the psycho-oncological monitoring of brain tumor patients, the Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster and the Neurosurgery of the Münster University Hospital have titled »Kunst als Lebens I Mittel« developed an art education program for brain tumor patients. The program consists of 2 parts: The participants first take part in a guided tour through the museum and then can work through their impressions in a subsequent workshop.

To describe the effects of this program and to consolidate the program, it should be scientifically evaluated.

The evaluation study will investigate    

  • which conditions contribute to the museum being experienced as a protected space,     
  • to what extent the specific conditions in the museum influence the communication between patients and relatives     
  • to what extent the museum can be experienced by the patients as a place of encounter and cultural participation and     
  • whether and to what extent museum visits contribute to the development of coping strategies.

For the investigation of these questions both qualitative research instruments as well as standardized specific and generic questionnaires should be used.

Department of Neurosurgery University Hospital Münster
Art Museum Pablo Picasso Münster
Catholic University of Freiburg
MSH Medical School Hamburg

Sponsor of the project:

Building an open studio for people with dementia in the early stages

With funding from the Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Health, our research institute ISER is supporting a project on the artistic work of people affected by dementia in Hamburg.

First, it is about building a network that promotes the participation of people with dementia in the early stages in the district of Altona. With the partners of the network directed participation offers are to be developed for this circle of people and accompanied in the conversion. The central role here will be the development of an open studio in the district. The studio is to be established as a permanent location in the district where people with dementia can work artistically at an early stage. In addition to the creative work, the studio also serves as a platform to involve people with dementia in the artistic and cultural context of the district.

Project management: Kathrin Horsch and Claudia Hinsch

Project website:

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Evaluation project »art and healthy« in cooperation with STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V.

The state-wide network STADTKULTUR is organizing an art festival on »art and healthy« in 2018 together with 20 member municipalities in Bavaria. The aim is to exploit and test the potential of artistic project and cultural work for health-promoting living environments. Since the connection of art and health promotion in the context of communal cultural work has been little researched and established so far, the art project »art and healthy« will be a scientific study to the side to serve the review and further development of formats in cultural work, the operate at the interface of art and health promotion.

To this end, STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V. cooperates with the Department of Art, Society and Health at the MSH Medical School Hamburg, which has the know-how to scientifically support such a project. The research team provides the necessary interdisciplinary competences to accompany development and change processes that are at the interface between art and health promotion and at the interface between art and system development.
The goal of the scientific accompaniment is

  • the identification of quality features of a cultural work at the border between art and health promotion
  • the development of ideas and content ideas for the establishment of such cultural work
  • the use of existing resources for their realization
  • the evaluation of ongoing projects
  • the development of new formats.

The experts for the cultural work are the representatives from the municipalities. The scientific monitoring of the project serves to tap into the existing resources resulting from this expertise and to make them usable and explicit for the entire project.

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Promoting perceptions in rescue services: A project with the Björn Steiger Foundation

Our »Institute for Subjective Experience and Research (ISER)« is providing a module for the promotion of perception and health (WaGe) for the medical and nursing staff of the neonatal and pediatric intensive care within the framework of the initiative »baby ambulance« of the Björn Steiger Foundation.

The module is intended as part of the emergency care, the contact between helpers and newborns, the helpers with each other and the surrounding environment, to improve the parents of the newborn. In addition, it supports physicians and nurses in health-promoting treatment of extreme stress situations.

Central contents of the module are:

Individual treatments of doctors and nurses with Ergosoma to encourage the self-regulatory mechanisms of the aides and their self-awareness and workshops to promote empathic perception and action through contemplative coordination and focus exercises, as well as dialogic and interactive design with different aesthetic media. The introduction of the module will be accompanied by a scientific study to ensure the utility and sustainability of the action.

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